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  • What's JONK DOT COM mean anyway?
    The site's name is actually pronounced "Jon Q dot com"
  • Didn't you misspell "JONK" above? Shouldn't that "K" be a "Q"?
    No, the point was that some people mispronounce "Jon Q." as "JONK"

  • So what the heck does JON Q mean?
    It's a play on the phrase "John Q. Public", but spelled like my name.
  • Why is a mouse when it spins?
    Because the higher the fewer.

  • I don't get the last one... what does it mean?
    It means you don't have an abstract sense of humor.

  • Are you really Jamaican?
    Yah mon.

  • Seriously, are you really Jamaican? You don't look Jamaican!
    Listen mon! De white bwoy him a yahdie!
    Jus' a cause a man doan 'ave dreadlocks doan mean 'im caan be from the Caribbean.

  • I still don't believe you. Say something in Jamaican
    Hooray Beer!

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